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Just published - a "real" history of the Real People! Available in paperback ($45.00) and Kindle editions ($36.00).

Old World Roots of the Cherokee

Have you completed the DNA Fingerprint Test and found out you have ancestry in France/Toulouse? Scotland/Dundee? Rwanda/Hutu? The Middle East? The Native American Lumbee population? Enter one of our new Ancestor Communities here and meet others with ancestors from the same corner of the world! Upload pictures, post family stories, genealogies and more.

Not yet tested your ethnic/genetic roots with our DNA Fingerprint? No problem! All are welcome at DNA Ancestor Communities. Join two forums or more, if you like.

On October 1, 2012, DNA Consultants introduced its RARE GENES from HISTORY addition to the DNA Fingerprint Report. This is one of the boldest and most exciting products to emerge from autosomal DNA testing research.

Add the Rare Genes from History Panel to your DNA Fingerprint and find out if you have any of the following exotic autosomal lineage markers:

The Helen Gene The Scythian Gene The Kilimanjaro Gene The Thuya Gene The Akhenaten Gene
The King Tut Gene The Egyptian Gene The Cochise Gene The First Peoples Gene The Lake Baikal Gene
The Amerind Gene The Khoisan Gene The Kongo Gene The Sinti Gene The Dream Time Gene
The Sundaland Gene The Empire Gene
The Shaman Gene The Rain Goddess Gene The Zagros Gene
The Europa Gene The Mongol Gene The Circassian Gene The Denisovan Gene The Yellow Emperor Gene
The Mozambican Gene

Share your results in our new RARE GENES from HISTORY Forum.

Now let's discuss with others the wonderful science of DNA testing that is rewriting personal genealogies and all the textbooks.


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